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‘Tried and tested’ methods to kill paving slab weeds in ‘two days’ – they’ll ‘shrivel up’

Whereas progress will come to a cease throughout the months, the hotter autumn climate might imply they’ll be round for a bit of longer than typical.

Frequent weeds to search for embody chickweed, dandelion and crabgrass which might develop just about wherever.

Taking to the  Cleansing Ideas Fb web page, Alison Riddell wrote: “I’ve tried and examined this technique. Use a gallon of , one cup of salt and two tablespoons of washing-up liquid.

“Combine it collectively and placed on the weeds with a watering can. Inside two days the weeds will die and after every week sweep them up.

“I’ve tried this and it really works so effectively. It’s not dangerous to pets as a result of there isn’t any chemical use, I’ve a cat. Nothing will clear weeds as new seeds are blown into cracks with wind however simply repeat above. It’s the very best pure weed killer I’ve tried.”


‘Tried and tested’ to kill paving slab weeds within ‘two days’ - they’ll ‘shrivel up’

‘Tried and examined’ to kill paving slab weeds inside ‘two days’ – they’ll ‘shrivel up’ (Picture: Getty)

In keeping with a gardening skilled, white vinegar is a good weed killer as a result of its acidic content material.

Nonetheless, it is very important solely use white vinegar on gravel or patio weeds as a result of it’s fairly robust.

In keeping with Gena Lorraine, a gardening skilled at Unbelievable Companies, the family important will “kill something” it touches, so ensure to maintain it away from the garden and different crops.

Gena added: “Nevertheless it’s excellent to maintain your driveway or patio clear from weeds as a result of we often don’t develop any helpful crops there. To deal with the patio weeds with vinegar, you have to dilute it with water.

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Weeds can appear anywhere there is space

Weeds can seem wherever there’s house (Picture: Getty)

“The very best proportion right here is one half vinegar and two elements water. The very best proportion right here is one half vinegar and two elements water.

“Then simply pour it over the cracks, aiming for the center sections of the weeds.”

Different customers prompt utilizing boiling water which is a good low cost approach to immediately kill backyard weeds, particularly these which develop on driveways.

Lisa Timson commented: “Simply use boiling water straight from the kettle, they are going to be shocked and shrivel up.”

Invasive weeds

Invasive weeds (Picture: EXPRESS)

Denise Watson added: “I had a nightmare with weeds and had pets so couldn’t use something shop-bought.

“Nonetheless what did work rather well was free and was boiling water. Pull out the weed and pour boiling water into the cracks, it kills the seeds.”

Gena famous: “Boiling water is a really aggressive and efficient technique to do away with weeds from hard-to-reach locations. 

“That is just because the new water can destroy virtually each plant, regardless of how robust and meaty its leaves are.

“Because of this this resolution isn’t used round common crops as a result of it might kill them straight away too. 

“Utilizing boiling water to kill weeds is simple, you simply have to boil some water and pour it on the patio whereas aiming for the cracks the place the weeds stay.”

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