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Two ‘powerful’ cupboard staples ‘cut through’ toilet limescale ‘naturally’ for under £2

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Limescale can simply construct up in your bathroom in the identical means as your kettle and faucets (Picture: Getty)

There’s nothing worse than discovering disagreeable stains in bathroom bowls. Whereas these can generally be brought on by micro organism, more often than not owners will discover these are brought on by .

Most householders will flip to chemical substances to however these can scent robust and ugly.

and bleach, for instance, include dangerous chemical substances which injury the atmosphere and have an effect on the air high quality in your house when they’re used.

There may be an eco-friendly different to those poisonous merchandise for each job in the home, together with the powerful ones like cleansing limescale from bathrooms.

Limescale can simply construct up in bathrooms in the identical means as your kettle and faucets and in arduous water areas, it will seem as brown stains, that are very ugly.


Laura Harnett, founding father of Seep eco instruments, defined utilizing an inexpensive different.

The cleansing skilled advised utilizing white vinegar and lemon juice to take away limescale from bathrooms.

She says: “ and lemon juice are the 2 strongest eco-cleaning merchandise within the retailer cabinet.

“They’re each acidic which suggests they are going to reduce via stains and limescale, in addition to appearing as a pure disinfectant.

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“One factor to be very cautious of, particularly with cleansing a bathroom, is to not combine white vinegar with bleach. They’ll have a chemical response which releases chlorine gasoline which may be very harmful.”

To make the answer, combine an equal quantity of white vinegar with the juice of 4 to 5 lemons (relying on how a lot limescale that you must clear off).

Subsequent, pour the combination into the bathroom basin and go away it for no less than three hours to interrupt via the limescale.

Laura added: “Use some extra white vinegar to wipe round the remainder of the john as it will disinfect it when you’re ready for the bathroom basin limescale to loosen.

“You can too pour the white vinegar and lemon juice combination down and go away in a single day if you already know that no person might want to use it in the course of the night time.

“Lastly, give it a very good scrub utilizing a stiff bristled bathroom brush and the marks ought to come away simply.”

White vinegar and lemon juice could be purchased on-line or from most native supermarkets. White vinegar prices and lemon juice . 

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